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Zucchini Parmesan from Tony’s Spaghetti House

October 22nd, 2013

Zucchini Parmesan from Tony’s Spaghetti House


Tony’s Spaghetti House, 5287 U.S. 280, Suite 218, Brook Highland Plaza, 205-783-1388



4 zucchini

3 large eggs

Bread crumbs with Italian seasoning

3 cups flour

1 quart spaghetti sauce

1 cup Romano grated cheese

16 ounces mozzarella cheese, grated

4 cups thin spaghetti, cooked, drained


Cut zucchini into strips like French fries. (Do not cut too thin). Beat eggs and soak strips. Roll strips in bread crumbs. Drop in deep-fat fryer or skillet and cook (about 3 minutes) until strips are brown and crisp. Cover bottom of skillet with spaghetti sauce. Add about 6 or 7 sticks. Add a little Romano cheese and cover with mozzarella cheese. Place in oven and let it bake until cheese begins to brown. Add spaghetti sauce to cooked pasta. Stir both together until all the sauce is mixed well. Place a nice portion on a dish. Slide zucchini out of skillet onto top of pasta.


Note: For the bread crumbs, hot dog or hamburger buns are the best to grate.

Alabama’s Best: Max’s Delicatessen

October 11th, 2011

Alabama’s Best: Max’s Delicatessen

Coming from the north there’s a few foods that Alabama restaurants  just don’t do very well. Pizza, chessesteaks, Chinese, and deli sandwiches and some of the most obvious. It’s gotten better in recent years, and it seems Birmingham is on the verge of becoming a true foodie town. Today we begin a series on great Bama food spots with a feature on the hands-down best deli in the steel city: Max’s Delicatessen.

Named for his father, and run by Steve Dubrinsky, Max’s is a classic Jewish deli located in the Colonnade shopping center on Highway 280. While serving up the best corned beef and brisket around Max’s is gaining a huge following for his specialty burgers and soups.

Made fresh in house Max’s offers two “soup of the day” options as well as classic versions of Chicken and Matzo ball soups.  Some of the ‘daily’ favorites are Turkey and Wild Rice, Cheeseburger Royale (try it was mustard) and mulligatawny – a wonderful Indian soup with just a touch of curry.

On the bun Max’s recently introduced Lamb, Bison and Turkey burgers which are garnering rave reviews. My personal favorite is the Lamb burger featuring feta cheese and grilled onions. Traditional black Angus burgers are also available with a variety of toppings. While not on the menu, Steve will even make you the “BigMikey” featuring pastrami, cheese and a fried egg… though he might not know I have officially named it after myself yet.

For the hardcore southerners Max’s even has a fried chicken plate made from scratch and I assure you it’s the tastiest bird in the ‘burg.

And did I mention the beef ribs? Oh and the quarter-pound hot dogs? And the… well damn, it’s all good, just head down there and try it yourself! You’ll thank me later. Take-out is also available so pick up a family four-pack or some chicken tenders to munch on while you play or watch the big game. Catering and party platters are also available by special order.


Now through the Holidays Max’s is hosting a can drive benefiting the Brown Bag Project. Bring some items to feed the needy and get a dollar off your meal, or buy a paper can for a buck and feed your soul along with your belly.

Online: http://maxsdelionline.com/


3431 Colonnade Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35243-3232

(205) 968-7600

Former Crimson Tide Stars to Appear at Verizon Wireless Stores to Raise Money for Bama Rising Fund

June 8th, 2011

Former Crimson Tide Stars to Appear at Verizon Wireless Stores to Raise Money for Bama Rising Fund

Former University of Alabama football favorites and current NFL players Javier Arenas, Mike Johnson and John Parker Wilson will meet and greet with fans — signing autographs and taking pictures — at Verizon Wireless stores in Huntsville, Tuscaloosa and Birmingham this Friday, June 10, and Saturday, June 11, to raise additional dollars for the Bama Rising Fund for tornado recovery.

The events are a precursor to “BAMA RISING: A Benefit Concert for Alabama Tornado Recovery,” presented by Verizon, which will bring some of country music’s biggest stars to the BJCC Arena Tuesday, June 14, with ticket sales and corporate sponsorships benefiting the Bama Rising Fund. It will feature performances by ALABAMA, who is spearheading the event, Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, Sheryl Crow and numerous other artists.

“When we heard word of this amazing concert, we reached out to Verizon to find out if there was anything we could do to help,” Wilson said. “We are challenging Alabama fans across the state to show their support for ongoing recovery efforts by coming out and giving what they can to the cause – no donation too big or too small.”

All three players will appear at:

–  The Jones Valley Verizon store at 2762 Carl T. Jones Drive Southeast in

Huntsville from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 10

–  The McFarland Verizon store at 2340 McFarland Boulevard East in

Tuscaloosa from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 11

–  The Wildwood Verizon store at 225 State Farm Parkway in Birmingham from

4 to 6 p.m. Saturday, June 11

In addition to the player meet and greet, attendees will have the chance to enter a random drawing for two tickets to BAMA Rising.  General Admission tickets for the star-studded event sold out one hour after going on sale on May 20.

Contributions of cash or checks can be made on site. Checks should be made out to the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, the philanthropic partner for the concert artists and organizers who established the Bama Rising Fund to support long-term recovery statewide in the wake of the April 2011 tornadoes. Credit card donations can be made through an online DONATE button at www.BamaRising.org. Those interested can also text “BAMA” to 501501 to donate $10.**

**$10 charged to your cell phone bill. Message and data rates may apply.

“Snapple Guy” Still Missing

May 29th, 2010

“Snapple Guy” Still Missing

It”s been more than a month since anyone in East Birmingham has heard from “the Snapple guy” and neither I nor the folks at the Dr. Pepper / Snapple group have any answers.

It started in mid-April when my local convenience store ran out of Snapple Apple, and Snapple Fruit Punch – my two favorite flavors. I asked the owner to order some for me and he said he”d be glad to… if the Snapple guy ever shows up. While normally a loyal shopper, I love my Snapple and set off to find some. Over the next few weeks I depleted the supply of every store in the Roebuck / Centerpoint area. Each time asking them to order more – and each time being told they would if the Snapple guy ever shows up.

And now it”s almost June and still no sign of the Snapple guy. All the stores are still out, several with empty cooler racks waiting for restocking. I”ve twice contacted Snapple and received only form letters suggesting i ask for Snapple at my favorite stores, which of course I had been doing for weeks. Why is no one searching for this missing vendor? I contacted Snapple again and asked them for the contact information for the distributor in my area. They have not responded. meanwhile the Snapple guy has not been heard from and my thirst now goes unquenched.

What is Snapple hiding? Why won”t they tell me truth about what happened to the Snapple delivery driver? If he”s not missing then I have to assume they just aren”t a good company. You have customers and retailers looking for your product in our area and we can”t get it! We haven”t even seen the Celebrity Apprentice charity flavors you”re advertising so heavily. Please Snapple, get in touch with me and let me know the Snapple guy is okay… and when I can expect to get some Snapple Fruit Punch again.

Heaven’s Kitchen – CenterPoint

May 23rd, 2010

A new southern-cooking restaurant on Centerpoint Parkway in Birmingham, Heaven’s Kitchen offers country favorites Tuesday through Saturday where a friendly staff greets you with fresh. sweet hush puppies and house-made tarter sauce.

Tasty fried pork chops with mac & cheese impressed me; while my mother simply adored the smoked turkey and gravy.

Getting to Know Langford’s New Home

April 1st, 2010

Getting to Know Langford’s New Home

A federal judge has denied former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford’s request to remain out of prison pending an appeal, and the Bureau of Prisons has assigned him to a prison in Ashland, Kentucky. With his designation set, Langford may be able to surrender himself to the prison itself; rather than to the Marshall’s Office in Birmingham. If so, this would allow him to quickly get settled into his new life – instead of being sent to the Jefferson County Jail to be housed until moved to Kentucky – generally via Atlanta or other prisons along the way.

Ashland Kentucky has two prisons located directly across from each other: A minimum-security camp-style prison without a fence; and a low security prison with a fence. Langford’s designation is currently set for the fenced facility, a common starting place for non-violent offenders with 10 years or more to serve. It is common for inmates such as Langford to serve a few years in low-security and then be moved to minimum if behavior and other factors align in his favor.

As prisons go, Ashland is not a bad place to serve time. It is a fairly open and secure institution with very little violence and plenty of recreational opportunities. Generally all inmates work jobs in the prison from eight in the morning until just before four in the evening. After a full standing count inmates have dinner and then are allowed several hours of open-compound activity time before they retire to their units.

The housing units at Ashland are a series of brick buildings with cubicle like cells generally shared by two inmates. Communal bath and shower facilities are available, as well as laundry equipment; game rooms and televisions. These units also have offices where inmates meet with their assigned staff members to discuss their goals and post-release plans. Guards are also on duty in each unit around the clock for the inmate’s safety.

Ashland features a large walking track surrounding a multi-purpose sports field as well as basketball and tennis courts. Workout equipment and other fitness items are available. On rainy days there is a small inside gymnasium. Also inside is a law and leisure library where inmates can work on appeals or check out a novel to read. These libraries are located in the education building, which also hosts classes that aim to help every inmate graduate high school before release.

Ashland offers inmates access to a commissary stocked with snacks, personal care items and leisure clothing for purchase either with funds earned through their jobs or sent from family. But the prison system also believes in financial responsibility, so inmates with unpaid fines and court costs may be required to surrender a portion of their earnings to help satisfy those debts. This is also why Ashland offers jobs in their prison industry where inmates can earn considerable more money ($1-$2 an hour as opposed to as little as 12cents an hour) to give inmates the opportunity to satisfy debts and begin to save money for their eventual release. In Ashland this industry is furniture building, which is then sold to government agencies providing taxpayers a savings while teaching the inmates a trade skill as well as good work ethic.

As far as visitation goes, Ashland allows family members to visit with inmates in person in a casual sitting area – no glass between you. Inmates can also stay connected to family via phone – with at least one phone available in every housing unit.

While certainly no vacation, Langford can expect a safe and healthy stay at ‘Club Fed’ where – if he behaves – he can do his time in relative peace. We wish him the best.

The Southern Museum of Flight

March 26th, 2010

By:  Christie Bohorfoush, Senior Staff Writer

The Southern Museum of Flight, located in Birmingham, Alabama is dedicated to presenting civilian, military, experimental aircraft, and memorabilia from the earliest history of powered flight. The 68,000 square foot facility houses over seventy-five aircraft, as well as engines, models, artifacts, photographs, and paintings. In addition, the Southern Museum of Flight is home to the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame with over sixty-five biographical plaques presenting Alabama aviation history through collective biography.

Notable aircraft on display include a Wright Flyer, a Curtis Pusher, a WWll Fokker D-Vll, an Alexander Eaglerock once owned by the first deaf pilot, WWll trainers, and F4 “Phantom” jet, Soviet built MIGs, an A12 “Blackbird” spy plane, the “Lake Murray” B-25 Bomber, and a vast array of experimental aircraft.

Featured on display at the Southern Museum of Flight is a diorama exhibit honoring Alabama’s famed Tuskegee Airmen. A state-of-the-art theater with surround sound, realistic flight simulators, tours, and a children’s “Little Pilots Room” are also available.

The Southern Museum of Flight truly has something for everyone! I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed my visit to the museum. It is a rare jewel that we have in Birmingham that is often over-looked; but should not be missed. On my visit, I saw every kind of plane from the earliest attempts of flight – to aircraft and choppers flown in Viet Nam- to the latest aircraft used for spying purposes. To be up close and personal with so many aircraft is something very special and everyone is sure to take away something new that they have learned.

Read the extended article with photos Here

Mixed Martial Arts: Valentine’s Crush at The Cage

March 3rd, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts:  Valentine’s Crush

By:  Christie Bohorfoush, Senior Staff Writer

Mixed Martial Arts has come to Moody, Alabama through the help of Peter Zahel, owner and founder of The Cage MMA and Fitness, Inc. Zahel is a Karate Instructor – USA National Karate Champion in 2008 (one gold and two silver metals) – European Euro Cup Champion – two time Czech Republic National Cup Champion – and has a professional sports background since 1987.

This writer, once a huge fan of the WWE, found Mixed Martial Arts about four years ago and was immediately hooked by the sport. While some may argue why a woman, or any sports fan for that matter, might enjoy what some consider to be a rather barbaric sport… Mixed Martial Arts is actually a very safe sport. While indeed the sport consists of besting your opponent at grappling, kicks, and punches; the fighters have tremendous respect for each other and never simply beat the heck out of one another. The sport is purely based on who has the most skill and knowledge in the field of martial arts. This is exactly why I lost interest in the WWE, after viewing several Mixed Martial Arts fights… staged fighting simply lost its appeal to the REAL sport of martial arts fighting.

What Peter Zahel is bringing to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is his own group of trained fighters from his The Cage MMA and Fitness, Inc. Club. As with any start-up club, he has fighters that are learning the skills of Mixed Martial Arts. How do they train? How do they know if they are growing in the sport? For those of you who do not all ready know that Mixed Martial Arts is the hottest and fastest growing sport, the best way to train and grow in the sport is by competing against other clubs. This is what Zahel is helping to bring to Moody and the state of Alabama.

On this particular evening, Zahel’s club played host to “Valentine’s Crush” (well, since it was February and all) pitting his Mixed Martial Arts fighters against others from varied clubs across Alabama. In fact, each club hosts an event… with the next event to be hosted at the Crossfit in Trussville, Alabama on March 6, 2010. This is the idea… each match helps the fighters to learn from their last fight and grow in the sport, bringing what they have just learned to the mat and helping them to master their skills.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening of eight Mixed Martial Arts matches at Peter Zahel’s The Cage MMA and Fitness, Inc Club. From my front row seat, it was easy for me to view the fighters as they brought their best to the cage. It is my intention to continue to follow Mixed Martial Arts in Moody, as well as throughout Alabama, and to help this sport continue to grow here. Let me add that if you are a true fan of Mixed Martial Arts, you will find great thrills and the ride of watching these fighters as they improve their skills and best each other in the cage and on the mat. In fact on this evening, many of the fighters who won their matches came out of The Crossfit Club in Trussville; and so, I look forward to the matches that are lined up for March 6th.

Be sure to catch The Cage’s next event, at their gym in Moody on March 27th. Visit www.thecagemmaandfitness.com for more information on their events; as well as classes and instructions in the art of MMA.


Match One:  Justin Suggs of Ranburn, AL vs Shannon Whittle of Verbena, AL

Shannon Whittle dominated the match with his strikes to Sugg’s mid section most of the opening match. Whittle defeated Suggs, by forcing him to tap out, after getting Suggs in a arm lock.

Match Two:  Brad Collins of Parrish, AL vs Jason Ware of Clanton, AL

At 1:45 seconds in the first round, Brad Collins took Ware with a triangle leg hold that forced Ware to tap out. After the match, Collins exclaimed; “I wanted to win so damn bad!” From the moment that Collins entered the cage, his intensity for the sport and his skills never wavered.

Match Three:  Bradley Johnson from Brookwood, AL vs B.J. England from Verbena, AL

After an upward kick from B.J. that staggered Johnson, B.J. was able to take Johnson to the mat and lock-in a scissor hold around Johnson’s neck that forced him to tap out.

Match Four:  Joe Henry of Talledega, AL vs. Jason Rawlinson of Verbena, AL

After an opening kick to the side of Henry, Rawlinson slammed Henry to the mat. At 1:47 seconds into the first round, Rawlinson caught Henry in an arm lock that forced him to tap out.

Match Five:  Jeff Patton of Parrish, AL vs. Fred York from Trussville, AL

This was a hard fought match, with both fighters pretty evenly matched. At two minutes into the second round, however, York’s  skills out bested Patton’s and he won by tap out

Match Six:  Alek Miller of Pelham, AL vs. Reshan Kahn of Birmingham, AL

Kahn took a beating from Miller, after Miller full mounted Kahn and pummeled him with his fists. The Ref stopped the match, due to strikes, as Kahn was unable to defend himself.

Match Seven:  Nate Bordilon of Odenville, Al vs. Cody Southwood of Madison, AL

The match began with a back and forth barrage of flying fists. At one minute nineteen seconds in the first round, however, Cody Southwood full mounted Nate on the mat and pounded him with his fists. The ref stopped the match, due to strikes, as Nate was unable to defend himself against the fists of Southwood.

Match Eight – MAIN EVENT – Nick Collins of Parrish, AL vs. Caleb Machen of Moody, AL

This was a match between welter weights, weighing in at 135 pounds. Although small and thin, this is clear proof that even the smallest of people can learn to defend themselves through the skills they learn in Mixed Martial Arts.

The match began with both fighters exchanging kicks to the mid sections. Machen soon found himself, however, pinned to the mat and taking a barrage of fists from Collins; but managed to fend off the blows from the mat and make it to the second round.

In the opening of round two, and having taken a kick from Machen, Collins soon found his footing and the will to fight back and use his skills. Machen slammed Collins to the mat; and although Collins was on his back and on the mat, he used his knowledge of mixed martial arts skills to apply a triangle leg hold to Machen and forcing him to tap out.

Alabama’s largest MMA Gym to Stage first Event

February 3rd, 2010

The Cage MMA and Fitness in Moody is the state’s largest MMA_focused training center and gym offering daily classes in all disciplines of this growing sport.

On February 13th they will present The Cage Challenge 1 (Valentine Crush) showcasing local and up-and-coming fighters in The Cage’s twenty-four foot MMA fight cage. This event is open to the public with tickets starting at just $15.

Visit http://www.thecagemmaandfitness.com for more information

MedHelp PC – Highway 280

January 25th, 2010

The last few days I have had a clogged ear canal, and after all the over the counter “miracles” failed to cure it I reluctantly decided to see a doctor. Not satisfied with my recent walk-in center experiences I decided to try a different provider: MedHelp on Highway 280.

I was examined by a medical student, and then the Doctor. Both addressed my primary concern, but also touched on other issues that concerned them: My blood pressure and a psoriasis breakout I have been fighting for some time. They took the time to get to know all my needs and how they could help.

A very sweet and calming nurse treated my ear; and the Doctors laid out a treatment plan for my BP and skin problems. There wasn’t the feeling of being rushed that I have gotten from other medical centers as they answered my questions and worked with me to adjust the treatment plan based on my preferences and needs. I was a patient, not just a customer to be herded through.

I highly recommend MedHelp for both urgent care and general practice needs. Everyone treated me with respect and the utmost professionalism and I left feeling that my health-care was finally in good hands.

For more information on MedHelp visit their website: http://www.medhelpclinics.com/ where you can learn more about their practice and download the new patient forms to save time on your first visit.

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